A Breathtaking Wedding Bouquet Tradition

Posted by Camo Rings America on 12/1/2015 to Wedding

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Formal BouquetAlmost every girl has a memory or story of "catching the bouquet" at a wedding. It's only natural that I should share mine, right? Well, many...many years ago, like all young girls after a wedding ceremony, I dashed at the chance when the announcement came of the bride throwing her bouquet. At that time, numerous friends were married over the summer and I had failed at all my bouquet-catching attempts. This time, however, the bouquet practically landed in my arms, almost as if it were meant to be...and there was no shoving, trampling, or tug-of-war involved! Everyone knows the tradition that the bouquet-catcher is "supposed" to be the next to be married, BUT what I didn't know was the special tradition that came with this particular bouquet...